Christmas Trees

Which of the following are true?

A. Christmas music is reserved for the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas only.

B. Christmas music is so awesome, you have to start in early November to enjoy it all.

C. You hate children, old people, puppies and kittens and therefore you hate Christmas music.

D. B is correct and also, Neil Diamond singing Christmas music is the cure for sadness.

As the public starts talking Holidays, we will be too. We do not, however, stop selling homes for friends and clients. The winter months are actually a great time to sell and buy homes and we would love to help you and or a friend of yours. I'm actually selling and buying this winter myself. Follow all of the details of my personal sale, purchase and massive remodel HERE.

Ready...Set...Merry Christmas!

What is your favorite Christmas music to listen to and when do you start listening? Post it in the comments.


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