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Oct. 2, 2023

Your Ultimate Online Real Estate Companion

Alright, let's cut to the chase. We're here to tell you that we believe our real estate app is the best out there. Bold claim, right? But we're confident in what we offer and want you to know why. So, let's dive into why this website ...

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Aug. 28, 2018

Fall and Summer all at the same time

I made a video for you answering a question about the unique transition from Summer to Fall in real estate.  It is a HUGE opportunity for you or anyone thinking about making a move.  100s more videos over at

Click here to view the video ...

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Aug. 22, 2018

Market Report Update Videos

As i mentioned last month, we are recording multiple helpful video's on a weekly basis around all types of topics for real estate. One of the videos we record on a weekly basis is a market update. I’ve placed links to the past few market updates at the bottom ...

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Aug. 10, 2018

What Makes The Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team Different from other agents?

Click to watch:

What Makes The Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team Different from other agents?


Dallas, TX real estate is known nationally as one of the most competitive home sales markets in the USA. Watch Todd here to see what makes working with Market Experts Realty and The Todd ...

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July 11, 2018

Do you like insider info?

You may not be planning to buy a home soon, but then again, you may or you may have a friend or family member who is.  If any of those are true, you may want some inside info.  Each week, we create a list that we call our ...
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June 27, 2018

Want to Move to 1-5 Acres? | Homes on Land Specialist

Do you have any friends or co-workers thinking about a move to a home on 1 - 5 acres? Share this/us with them!

Click on the link to view Todd's video:

Are you Interested in Moving onto 1-5 Acres of Land?

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June 27, 2018

How to Differentiate Homes That Are Often Considered the Same

Todd explains his unique process of dealing with 300k Neighborhood Homes and how the TTHST distinguishes your home when it is normally considered "all the same."

Watch the Video by clicking the link:

How to Differentiate 300K Neighborhood Homes


Curious about what your home is worth?

Click this link ...

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June 1, 2018

Real Estate Market Disruption

Todd Tramonte's radio show, Texas Real Estate ( airs on Saturdays, 3pm on WBAP 820 AM.  This week Todd discusses the big picture of the residential real estate market.   Is there a disruption coming?  Will the market continue to go BEZERKO?

Click the links to ...

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May 22, 2018

Market Update

Housing inventory is incredibly low in the DFW market which could mean a lot for both home buyers and sellers!

Market Report May 17, 2018


For more information on working with the Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team go to:

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April 25, 2018

What Should A Realtor Do

What should you expect from your realtor?  What should a realtor do?  Looking for a realtor in Dallas/Fort Worth?