March 20, 2018


Can you believe it is already spring?
I'm ecstatic that the sun is out later in the evening, but how are we almost 25% of the way through 2018?  

I must say though it has been a truly great year so far.  Our family has already had a few adventures and kids' sports are in full swing.  Our team here at the Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team are rocking and rolling and helping many of you navigate this truly tricky real estate market as you sell and buy homes.   

We've had some fun properties and projects lately as we do a better job than ever communicating to the world that we operate more like a CPA firm or law firm than a traditional "Realtor" office.  I'm privileged to work with some of the smartest, most dedicated, and kind people I've ever met.  
We have agents who specialize in homes with pools, homes on 1-20 acres, homes on golf courses and of course neighborhood homes in DFW.  Each family and their unique situation and property call for customized strategies and approaches and that's what we are committed to delivering.  We call it World Class Service.   

I rarely do this, but I feel compelled to simply ask you if you plan to sell or buy a house this year.  Do you have plans to do so?

You see, I made a commitment years ago, and have lead my team similarly for 15 years, to never be an obnoxious real estate agent shoving my business card in your face and begging you for business.  
However, it is important for you to know that my team and I will always make time for friends, family, past clients, and new friends who have inquired about our unique value and service.  We unapologetically prioritize serving you over complete strangers even if they are knocking our door down to help them.  

You, your friends, neighbors, and co-workers come first.  
We can only deliver this World Class Value to approximately 20 clients per month, so we do have to say no at times.  More clients sounds better, but at times can threaten the value we deliver to YOU, our top priority, so we have to prioritize.

Who do you know from your neighborhood, office, church etc. who may need our help?
We are committed to you and your friends,
Todd Trmaonte
P.S. If you don't want to talk to an agent specialist quite yet, just reply here and let me know what your plans are.  You can also visit to find out what your house should sell for in this CRAZY market!

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March 13, 2018

Metroplex Market Update

Kristin Perry talks Springtime and the Metroplex Market.

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March 13, 2018

Fort Worth Market Video Update

Fort Worth Team Update on the West Side Market!

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March 13, 2018

While the Boss is Away....

Take a look at the team when Todd is out of town honing his Broker skills.

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Feb. 12, 2018

So....I double park

Nearly my entire life I've thought terrible thoughts about the middle aged guys who park their Corvettes and 350Zs deliberately over the line at the grocery store.  I've always hoped that at best they were trying to protect their cars from damage, but assumed that they were just trying to show off.
Now, I double park. 
Only at the office, but still...  I feel a little sketchy doing it.  
The reason I double park is quite different though.  The goobers that designed our parking lot must have envisioned a future where everyone was going to drive smart cars and where pickup trucks and SUVs would be obsolete.  The parking spaces are barely long enough for those cars much less a grown up truck.
I double park so I can get my front tires all the way to the curb and avoid hitting a parking block and losing another two feet of space and therefore hanging out into the roadway.  I know that is too much information, but I'm still feeling sketchy about it remember?
I was actually giving this some deep thought this morning on my way in and it sorta triggered a familiar thought that I've had over the years as we've grown the real estate business.  
Perspectives change.
Sometimes we do things we used to think were crazy, wrong, or even stupid.
We must be willing to explore the limits of what was/is normal, routine, expected in order to truly maximize our potential, deliver world class value to our clients, and avoid unnecessary risk, danger, and frustration for those we represent.
I'm not saying you should double park, but maybe you should.  Maybe you should find a few things that have always been done a certain way and start doing them a new way.  
I believe this mindset has been a big part of our growth and success and a big value to our clients.  I hope to find new ways to do old things in the future.
How can I help you grow in this way?
Your friend,
Todd Tramonte
P.S. Do you want to know what your current home is worth in less than 1 minute?  Visit to find out.  WAY BETTER THAN ZILLOW!!!
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Jan. 22, 2018

What Do you Want?

Often, the biggest obstacle to getting what we want out of life is not knowing exactly what we want.  

Sounds like a stupid thing to say doesn't it? 

We see this on our real estate team when buyers can't get over the hump to make an offer on a house because they can't be sure which one is right.  This often happens because those individuals or families don't yet know exactly what they want.  They know generally, but not specifically. 
^^^ That is the big problem for many of us.
We all want more time to do the things we love, less drama, more money, more health, more sleep, less debt etc. even if we have different reasons for wanting these things.
I'm still working every day at becoming more specific in my wants based on what I believe to be my life's purpose.  THAT part I'm pretty clear on.  
My purpose is to love and serve my family, my friends, my team at work and anyone I have an opportunity to interact with or impact as I model the love of Jesus.  There it is.  <<< My Purpose. 

This weekend, we packed our family of five in the truck, filled the back with furniture, hooked up the trailer and filled it with furniture and supplies and drove to Fort Worth to setup our new expanded office space just west of down town.  My wife and I left proud that we are loving on our team members in FW as we invest in the environment they'll spend a lot of time in.
Then, we shot over to the FW Zoo and did the full loop with our three little ones.  We saw the monkeys, hippos, sharks and had a truly wonderful family outing minus the sole disappointment of no cheetahs being present.  My wife and I left there happy to have loved on our children and shared how God makes all the animals unique and how he called them good at creation.
After the office and the Zoo, we went straight to the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo to ride the carnival rides, eat some rodeo food and for me to host my weekly radio show, Texas Real Estate w/ Todd Tramonte live from our booth in the exhibit hall with WBAP.  We finally left there exhausted, but proud to have put a new team member on the air as well as our two "big kids" and to have generously shared some expertise and love through the show.
So, you may be starting to understand what I want.  I want to have impact and to love those around me.
What do you want?
Can my family or team and I help in any way?
Your buddy in the real estate business,
Todd Tramonte 

P.S. If you are looking for ways to join us as we aim to love those around us, I'd love to point you towards two great organizations.  1) Richardson Area Young Life and 2)
Jan. 15, 2018

Dumb Things Realtors Say

Have you heard these phrases?

Location, Location , Location!
The greatest compliment I can receive is a referral to your friends and family.
The best time to buy and sell is Spring and Summer.
Realtors are held to a higher ethical standard.
...and so so so many more.
Realtors tend to say some goofy things.  Yes, I am / we are licensed by the state and members of the National Association of Realtors (that's how you get the goofy title "Realtor" in the first place), but we do not identify with that title first.  I believe that many  agents use these default sayings not because they have deep commitments to them, but because they hear and see others doing so.
I know you have dozens of choices when it comes to your  real estate professional, but just know that I'm extraordinarily proud of the well thought out, proven, consistent and value added representation that our team members deliver to our valued clients.  
Location is important, but it isn't everything.
The greatest compliment you can pay me is that I'm an incredible example of a man following Jesus and loving my family, friends, neighbors, and strangers well.
The best time to buy and sell is when you, your family, and your finances are ready.  
Men and women have to hold themselves to high standards, the lapel pin won't do it for you.
I could go on but I won't.  I'm not bashing other agents, but I'm hoping to remind you that we care for you as more than a "customer."  We aim to serve your housing and related needs for the rest of your life.  We obsess daily over how to deliver world class value to you as a happy home owner whether you need to buy or sell or if you will soon be a seller, buyer, or investor.
We care for people.  We believe that this is a great strategy for being a great human... and also for running a great business.
You'll NEVER be interrupting us if you store our number in your phone (214.216.2161) under Todd - Broker/Realtor and call us with any need you, your friends, neighbors, or family have about a home.  

Have an incredible 2018,
Todd Tramonte
P.S. Remember that we operate more like a top law firm than a traditional real estate office.  Our agents specialize and offer world class expertise in the following areas and more:
Dec. 19, 2017

The Worst Gift

I attended a college graduation party this weekend. 
When the excitement of educational achievement and the talk about new opportunities waned, I sent my three sub eight-year-old children in with the gift.  Then, I sat back and imagined the total disappointment in the new grad's mind.   
I sent each of my children over with a different book.  The first book was a paperback copy of Tommy Nelsons book A Life Well Lived
The second child approached with a tiny staple-bound copy of selected quotes from the diary of the founder of a ministry I believe God has used to change the eternities of more young people than almost any other. 
Finally, my youngest, littlest and currently cutest little one delivered another tiny staple-bound copy of The Tyranny of the Urgent.
I really did wonder whether our friend, in his lower twenties, thought that I thought this was a joke.  Then he discovered the cash inside.  It wasn't that bad of a gift now.
After having my 2nd grader tell him that "Readers are leaders and learners are earners," I went on to explain to him that these are three of the most impactful books on my life to date.  After The Bible, Screwtape Letters and maybe one or two others, these three books are what I believe a young person, or any person, should be thinking, focusing and meditating on as they ponder their future and their impact.
I'm confident that after my explanation this young man will read the books.  I'm hopeful that after reading, he'll go on to value relationships over accolades, prayer over packages and the fruit of personal and community growth over the chasing of the next shiny object.
I'll pray he goes out into the world and makes an impact for God and for good and that he stands firm in the face of what the world will bring to his doorstep.  I'll pray that he creates a life instead of taking only whatever others leave behind. 

I pray the same for you!
Your friend in the real estate business,
Todd Tramonte

P.S. If you have any awesome book recommendations for me, let me know.  I'm an audio book addict lately, but will hunt anything down.
Dec. 12, 2017

Life IS Hard

Life IS hard. 
That's what makes it great.  Overcoming hard things is exciting!  Fighting a great fight can give us a boost instead of draining us.  Nobody shows up to celebrate routine achievements like exhaling after you inhale.  For most of us, that one is easy.  There isn't a lot of emotion or joy bounding forth from doing the bare minimum of what was expected.
Life is hard.  I want to encourage you to have the hard conversation, face the discomfort of reconciliation, run head on into the challenge that must be overcome.  You'll be glad you did.
I wrote this this morning because I needed a quick reminder.  
I thought I'd share it with you on the off chance that you may need to be reminded too.
Life is hard, but it is so worth it to keep pushing!
Your friend who would love to help you or a friend buy or sell a home,
Todd Tramonte


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Nov. 27, 2017


We had a blast with over 100 past client friends last Tuesday as we gave out massive pies and caught up with so many of you. We really do have the best clients! Because so many of you showed up for pie, we were able to contribute over 1,500 meals to the North Texas Food Bank. There are so many families who are in need of the simple necessities of life, like food to eat and feed their children.

That fact alone makes me sad, but it also makes me quite proud that we were able to make at least a small contribution.

In the same way, as you look to the end of the year and think about your home ownership goals or those of a friend or neighbor, we'd love for you to trust us at a level where you wouldn't be hesitant to do the following three things when the topic of selling or buying a home comes up:

1. Get out your phone and look up Todd Tramonte (or one of our amazing team members) and hit call.
If you don't have us in there, please put us in there and label us "Realtor" or "Broker" so it is easy to find. 214.216.2161 is the office number which is monitored all day.

2. Say hello and then hand the phone over to your friend, co-worker or neighbor so we can get introduced. You'll never be interrupting us. We always have time for you, our friends, past clients and folks we've engaged with online, on air or in person.

3. Let us know the very best way to thank you. We are so appreciative of your trust that we'll do our best to shower you with thanks!

Here it comes...


Todd Tramonte

P.S. If you are even flirting with the idea of selling your home in 2018, get an idea of what it should sell for at or by calling us for a super detailed valuation.