Dec. 12, 2017

Life IS Hard

Life IS hard. 
That's what makes it great.  Overcoming hard things is exciting!  Fighting a great fight can give us a boost instead of draining us.  Nobody shows up to celebrate routine achievements like exhaling after you inhale.  For most of us, that one is easy.  There isn't a lot of emotion or joy bounding forth from doing the bare minimum of what was expected.
Life is hard.  I want to encourage you to have the hard conversation, face the discomfort of reconciliation, run head on into the challenge that must be overcome.  You'll be glad you did.
I wrote this this morning because I needed a quick reminder.  
I thought I'd share it with you on the off chance that you may need to be reminded too.
Life is hard, but it is so worth it to keep pushing!
Your friend who would love to help you or a friend buy or sell a home,
Todd Tramonte


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Nov. 27, 2017


We had a blast with over 100 past client friends last Tuesday as we gave out massive pies and caught up with so many of you. We really do have the best clients! Because so many of you showed up for pie, we were able to contribute over 1,500 meals to the North Texas Food Bank. There are so many families who are in need of the simple necessities of life, like food to eat and feed their children.

That fact alone makes me sad, but it also makes me quite proud that we were able to make at least a small contribution.

In the same way, as you look to the end of the year and think about your home ownership goals or those of a friend or neighbor, we'd love for you to trust us at a level where you wouldn't be hesitant to do the following three things when the topic of selling or buying a home comes up:

1. Get out your phone and look up Todd Tramonte (or one of our amazing team members) and hit call.
If you don't have us in there, please put us in there and label us "Realtor" or "Broker" so it is easy to find. 214.216.2161 is the office number which is monitored all day.

2. Say hello and then hand the phone over to your friend, co-worker or neighbor so we can get introduced. You'll never be interrupting us. We always have time for you, our friends, past clients and folks we've engaged with online, on air or in person.

3. Let us know the very best way to thank you. We are so appreciative of your trust that we'll do our best to shower you with thanks!

Here it comes...


Todd Tramonte

P.S. If you are even flirting with the idea of selling your home in 2018, get an idea of what it should sell for at or by calling us for a super detailed valuation.

Oct. 23, 2017

Thoughts About Fall

How about this weather?  I love fall.  We spent the weekend on the patio and in the backyard with friends and family.  We had the team from work over for BBQ and watched a great Astros win over the Yankees.  
The next night we had friends watch another Astros victory with some college football and NBA games on other TVs.  It was delightfully ridiculous.
One of my favorite things about our home is how we use it to share experiences with our friends.  
What are your favorite things about your home?  If you were to move, what would you want in your next property that you don't have in your current home?  I see the trends changing quite a bit and would love to know your thoughts.
REMEMBER:  If you are wanting to sell your home between now and March, you MUST call us and we will have our photographer come by and get outside pictures of your home before all of the grass and flowers die or go dormant.  This will help tremendously as we market your home for top dollar!
Have a really great and delightfully cool week,
Your friend,
Todd Tramonte
& Team.
Oct. 18, 2017

Quick Tip

 Quick Tip and then a quick question below:

Tip - Have your furnace / heater checked now before things cool way down and it will cost a lot more.  Try Rodney Rinehart at 469.231.6411 for any Heating, Air Conditioning or Electrical needs.  He is who I use myself. 

     Do you have a friend, family member or maybe a co-worker who is outgrowing or has outgrown their house and needs to move into a larger home?  We have a special plan that is highly effective in this situation to keep families from getting stuck with 2 houses or no house.   

Please reply here and let us know the best way to reach out to your friend, family member, co-worker or neighbor. 

This really is a challenging real estate market for a move up and this approach is awesome!
Your friend,
Todd Tramonte
P.S. We are STILL on the lookout for 2 go-getters in Fort Worth and 1-2 in Dallas to help our sales team serve amazing families as they buy and sell homes. We are so careful to hire full time, committed people who truly care about clients that it takes a long time to find the right fit.  We don't require a license, just initiative and hustle.  We'll train on all the rest.  Do you have a buddy who may be interested?  If so, please send them to
The Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team
899 Presidential Suite 112
Richardson, Texas 75081
United States
(214) 216-2161
Oct. 3, 2017

It Is Gone

Just like that, September is completely gone.  I'm pretty sure I had just caught up to the fact that it was September about the 9th and then poof, the entire month went by.  
I don't recall a time in my life when things moved faster, when there was more to do, to keep up with, to follow up on.
How are people supposed to keep current on all of the marriage, parenting, church, school, sports, horrific news, good news, health care, health food, healthy living, neighbor night out, retirement savings, family traditions, volunteer hours, career advancement...?
Well, I may not have THE answer, but here is my answer.
That's it.  Values.  Having clear values allows us to prioritize.  
For example, I know that I value my faith in Jesus, my family and my friends above things like sports and the news.  That doesn't mean those things don't get any of my attention or that they don't get me bogged down from time to time, but I know it to be true that they are not enough of a priority to derail me form my relationship with Jesus, my wife, kids and closest extended family and friends.
That's it.  That's the only hope I've got to keep a clear head at least some of the time.  There are just too many data points, news sources, bogus news sources, ads, requests, demands even for my time and attention.
Do you ever feel this?  Do you agree with my solution?  
How can I help?
Your friend,
Todd Tramonte
P.S. Our company has a clearly written list of coure values that we hire and work by.  They are painted on the wall in our office and presented to each and every potentical client we meet with.  I'm convinced it is the only way to stay focused on what matters.


P.P.S. We are on the lookout for three more folks who share our values and who would want to work with us in our fun, values centered, professional environment in either Fort Worth or in Dallas.  Visit or send a friend that link to learn more.
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June 28, 2017

Big Announcement!

I'll get right to the point.

Todd's Radio Show
I've been offered a tremendous opportunity to host a radio show on the biggest talk radio station in DFW and I have accepted!  As a friend, client, or at a minimum a person who requested information on our website, I'd like to thank you for your support in the past and invite you to be at least a small part of this new opportunity.  
The show will open up new opportunities for my team and me to provide world class value to you, our friends, when it comes to selling, buying, investing in or just enjoying your home.  We'll cover those topics and more.  It will be a fun and interactive show that anyone who has or wants a home should enjoy and benfit from.
If you are not typically a talk radio listener or you are exactly that, but not much of a talk radio caller, I'd love to get some suggestions from you on topics you'd enjoy hearing me cover on the show.  If another expert is needed, we'll get them on the air with us.  We'll also record each show for our podcast which will be accessible for everyone to listen to at any time they like.
The show, Texas Real Estate w/ Todd Tramonte will be live on 820 AM WBAP on Saturdays starting 7/15 from 6-7pm.  
What topics would you like to hear covered?
What experts would you like to hear from?
What drives you crazy about real estate agents?
What great / terrible experiences have you had with a home?
What fears do you have about your investment?
What do you anticipate in the market future?
What issues impact your real estate decisions?
What is your favorite feature of your home?
What aspect of owning a home brings you the most joy?
Share whatever comes to mind.  I'll use this information to begin to build a format, style and model for the show.  
I'd be incredibly greatful for any feedback and for any sharing of the information about the show.  You can visit our facebook page at and share the short intro video of our show logo etc. or just invite some friends to listen and call in.
Thanks again for your support and I hope this show will be just one more way that we can add value to your life.
This is going to be fun!
Todd Tramonte


P.S. We'll still be doing our Facebook live Q&A sessions too.  Sometimes, we'll use those as additional podcast episodes and for extra radio bonus content.  We'll probably give away some copies of my book etc. too.  Join in the fun and go like our Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team Facebook page as well as the radio show page linked above.  Good things to come. 
May 16, 2017


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May 10, 2017


Sometimes it is hard to appreciate what you have, especially when daily life has a tendency to cloud emotions.  This Sunday is Mother's Day.  Please remember to take the time to let those motherly figures in your life know how much you love them!  



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May 1, 2017

The slight exhaustion has been well worth it...

I walked in the door from a week long trip to San Diego and Phoenix at 2:30AM Friday morning.  After donuts with dad at my daughter's school five hours later, a visit from an out of town friend, two baseball games, a great date night, church, noting the yard, planting out seedlings into the garden from the greenhouse and a big dinner with our closest friends, it is time to get back to work right?
I'm writing this on my phone from the Jury Room at the Dallas County Courts building.
***Jury Duty is never convenient, but important not to dodge!  (You may need some quality jurors some day)
Since I'm just catching up from two great learning opportunities from my trip last week, bare with me as I spill out a few billeted take-always from my trip.
I'm optimistic you'll benefit from at least one:
- Keep it simple. Really.
- Value people and use things. NOT the other way around.
- A lesson can be learned from any situation or experience as long as you want to.
- Being vulnerable is not a weakness or vulnerability.  It is essential for trust. ***This one came from a very strange key note from Marcus Lemonis from the TV show The Profit.
- Whatever your gifts, instincts and style, you're best off being authentic.  It breeds trust.  Don't simply mimic others' success.  Learn and grow, but be genuine no matter what.
- When presented with the opportunity to try something out of your comfort zone, say yes! (Provided it is legal, ethical and relatively safe.)   
- Before taking on any significant challenge, expense, or responsibility, confidently answer the question, "why?" If you can not, say "no."
- Eat breakfast, have coffee or spend time with a seemingly over-ambitious person at least monthly and share your aspirations.  Let them push you to more!
When I have time to review my notes more, I may share a few more.
Hoping this is useful for you,
Todd Tramonte
P.S.  if I could show you where some great investment opportunities exist in this crazy real estate market, would you be interested right now?
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April 21, 2017


Last week our team took a day for what is usually our quarterly offsite training.  It was again this quarter, but we invested that time much differently than normal.  
There was no technical training, but we dug deep on our goals and how we best deliver world class value to our clients.  
We asked one question over and over all day.  
Why do I work here?  Why is that important to me?  Why do we want to help 100+ families this year?  Why is that important to us? 

Why, Why, Why?
We took four hours and got alone and dug deep on our individual personal and professional goals and gifts.  We wrote lists of what we are grateful for, where God has gifted us and what our "wins" have been previously.  
The entire team really appreciated the provided time to get free of distractions and to focus on the important issues in our lives.  We will be better for you because of it.
Have you done anything like this recently?  Alone?
I strongly suggest it!
Your friend in real estate,
Todd Tramonte
P.S. My major goal this year is to bring three more really fun, really smart and really disciplined people onto our team between Dallas and Fort Worth.  My reason WHY is so that we can invest in the future of a few more team members so they can invest in the future of dozens more families.  Who do I need to know that you know? 
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