May 16, 2017


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May 10, 2017


Sometimes it is hard to appreciate what you have, especially when daily life has a tendency to cloud emotions.  This Sunday is Mother's Day.  Please remember to take the time to let those motherly figures in your life know how much you love them!  



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May 1, 2017

The slight exhaustion has been well worth it...

I walked in the door from a week long trip to San Diego and Phoenix at 2:30AM Friday morning.  After donuts with dad at my daughter's school five hours later, a visit from an out of town friend, two baseball games, a great date night, church, noting the yard, planting out seedlings into the garden from the greenhouse and a big dinner with our closest friends, it is time to get back to work right?
I'm writing this on my phone from the Jury Room at the Dallas County Courts building.
***Jury Duty is never convenient, but important not to dodge!  (You may need some quality jurors some day)
Since I'm just catching up from two great learning opportunities from my trip last week, bare with me as I spill out a few billeted take-always from my trip.
I'm optimistic you'll benefit from at least one:
- Keep it simple. Really.
- Value people and use things. NOT the other way around.
- A lesson can be learned from any situation or experience as long as you want to.
- Being vulnerable is not a weakness or vulnerability.  It is essential for trust. ***This one came from a very strange key note from Marcus Lemonis from the TV show The Profit.
- Whatever your gifts, instincts and style, you're best off being authentic.  It breeds trust.  Don't simply mimic others' success.  Learn and grow, but be genuine no matter what.
- When presented with the opportunity to try something out of your comfort zone, say yes! (Provided it is legal, ethical and relatively safe.)   
- Before taking on any significant challenge, expense, or responsibility, confidently answer the question, "why?" If you can not, say "no."
- Eat breakfast, have coffee or spend time with a seemingly over-ambitious person at least monthly and share your aspirations.  Let them push you to more!
When I have time to review my notes more, I may share a few more.
Hoping this is useful for you,
Todd Tramonte
P.S.  if I could show you where some great investment opportunities exist in this crazy real estate market, would you be interested right now?
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April 21, 2017


Last week our team took a day for what is usually our quarterly offsite training.  It was again this quarter, but we invested that time much differently than normal.  
There was no technical training, but we dug deep on our goals and how we best deliver world class value to our clients.  
We asked one question over and over all day.  
Why do I work here?  Why is that important to me?  Why do we want to help 100+ families this year?  Why is that important to us? 

Why, Why, Why?
We took four hours and got alone and dug deep on our individual personal and professional goals and gifts.  We wrote lists of what we are grateful for, where God has gifted us and what our "wins" have been previously.  
The entire team really appreciated the provided time to get free of distractions and to focus on the important issues in our lives.  We will be better for you because of it.
Have you done anything like this recently?  Alone?
I strongly suggest it!
Your friend in real estate,
Todd Tramonte
P.S. My major goal this year is to bring three more really fun, really smart and really disciplined people onto our team between Dallas and Fort Worth.  My reason WHY is so that we can invest in the future of a few more team members so they can invest in the future of dozens more families.  Who do I need to know that you know? 
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April 10, 2017

This Weekend, I Built A House...

...OK, it was a tree house.  

Still though, it was a project for sure.  I drove a Phillips head bit at full spin into the inside of my hand right at the top knuckle of my middle finger. Then, I thought, "well, I'll only do that once" right before I switched bits and did it again in the middle of my palm.
I'm relatively handy.  Relative to people who are completely incompetent, I'm like a 7.   

Anyway, I thought about you while I was in the tree trying to wedge my drill in between tree limbs and marginally well measured 2x4s.   

I was actually thinking about how most of us build our lives.   

I had a picture in mind when I started this project, but things changed at nearly every task.  
The screws were too long for one use, so I had a choice.  Do I do this the lazy way and drill the screw only partially into the wood?  Do I go all the way back to the store for a perfect match to the screws I had but at the right length?   

I opted for using some screws I already had that were ideal in size and type, but didn't match in color. (It is a tree house.)   

As I was adjusting my plan at every obstacle yet hoping to end with the same design as I had originally envisioned, I thought about how life is the exact same way.   

Is your life turning out the way you had envisioned?
Is it better?
Have you had to make some really tough choices?
What values or principles do you use to help you make those choices? 

My filter for tree house choices was pretty basic.
1. Is it safe for my kids?
2. Is it in the budget?
3. Am I capable of pulling this off?
In life, this is much tougher.  I try to follow something more like this:
1. Does it glorify God?
2. Does it serve my wife and children?
3. Does everyone involved benefit?
4. Is this wise in both the short and long term?
5. Will this contribute to the legacy I want to leave? 

So, I didn't build an entire house this weekend.  I haven't built my entire life yet either.  I do make adjustments along the way as we all do.  I also don't want to compromise on the original vision.  
If you too want to live a life of purpose, meaning, and impact please don't ever give up.  Make the hard choices along the way based on your values and keep working at it.   

Have an incredible week,
Your friend in the real estate business,
Todd Tramonte

P.S. I'm adding the oxford comma for a friend (MP) and am still not sure about it.  
P.P.S. Our team is breaking all sorts of records for home sellers and buyers in this insane market. Next time you are in a conversation and the topic of selling or buying a home comes up, would you get out your phone and call us?  We'll always be glad to help you!
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April 4, 2017


That thing you really believe in, the thing you want so badly to do, but aren't sure you should swing that bat, aim that high or even try so hard.  Do that thing. 
There are only 40 weeks left in 2017.  
The previous 12 weeks have come and gone and can not be changed.  Forget em.  
Use the next 40 to change your life forever.  
Increase your knowledge, your fitness, your connection with people you love or those who need you.  
40 weeks.  What are you after?
I'd like to help if you'll let me,
Todd Tramonte
P.S. I plan to spend the bulk of the next 40 weeks meeting with and evaluating A+ talented and driven people to select 3 total to join our company.  Who do you know from work, church, softball or your neighborhood who is likely to be a fit for us?  Reply here to connect us and I'll buy lunch for all of us.
March 22, 2017

Be Inspired

March 20, 2017

Down By The River...

This past week we took our kiddos to the sprawling metropolis of Bandera, TX for a little getaway in the country.  We ate locally grown apples, apple pie, apple ice cream and some of the best hamburgers we've ever head. (I know we always talk about food around here.)  
We went in to San Antonio for a day at Fiesta Texas, including my son and I riding the insane reverse slingshot thing 200 feet in the air, we watched a bunch of movies in the condo and we read a lot.  
But, the single most memorable part of our trip was walking along the river bed and finding rocks and fossils.  We skipped rocks across the river and we threw hundreds at random targets in the water. 
Here's your $2.00 takeaway.  
It is almost never the "big things" that make the most impact.  
It is almost always the "little things" that happen in between that make life exciting and rich and meaningful.  
What are the "little things" you're overlooking, forgetting, or speeding by in life that you could celebrate, slow down in, and create to find more joy and purpose?
That's a thinker, I know.  Let me know what you come up with right here by replying.
Have a great week in the "little things,"
Todd Tramonte
P.S. Next time you are in a conversation and the topic of buying or selling a home comes up, would you feel comfortable introducing me and our team? If so, please put my number in your cell phone under Todd Tramonte - Broker or Realtor and call me ANYTIME!
March 9, 2017

Be comfortable, being uncomfortable!

Be comfortable, being uncomfortable!

Ask for a special discount when you buy something today. 
Use this dialogue: 

I would like a $1 discount on my drink today – 
because I really love your coffee and I want to 
save an extra dollar, please.

Then leave the savings as a tip! The action can help  
you get out of your comfort zone. The intention is so 
that when something occurs in your life to create 
discomfort, you are familiar with the feeling 
and can teach yourself to be comfortable being 


Have fun and stay inspired.

Courtesy of Joe Stumpf 

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March 6, 2017

Your Real Estate Questions Answered LIVE

Do you, your friends, neighbors, co-workers or family ever have a real estate question?  I'd like to invite you to connect with me on Facebook at or just search for my name, Todd Tramonte, so you can be a part of our Friday morning Broker Q & A.  
Each Friday at 8:30 AM CST I field questions live on Facebook and from throughout the previous week about everything from buying, selling and investing to crazy neighbors to the future of our market in Texas as well as other markets in the USA.   

Of course, if you don't do Facebook or don't want to wait for Fridays, you can always call our office at 214.216.2161.
Last week you would have seen great questions about the "Spring market" and my daughter telling everyone what she wants to do when she grows up.
Let me know if I can help in any way!
I'm here to help,
Todd Tramonte
P.S. Even if you are not buying or selling soon, please take me up on my offer to help.  We want to be a valuable resource for you!