Feb. 12, 2024

Misleading Market Metrics: Why are agents aiming at the wrong target?

Boasting about selling a home for "over list price" is like bragging about a home run in a game where the fences were moved in just for you. 


Welcome to the not-so-magical land of real estate metrics, where the truth is often dressed in a costume of convenience ...

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June 17, 2020

The most sought after neighborhood in Richardson, TX | Canyon Creek

May 15, 2020

Why is Richardson, Texas so expensive?

Feb. 24, 2020

Should You Avoid Moving to Richardson, TX?

We've made multiple videos about Richardson, TX and all the great things about living and working in the city. Are there any problems or downsides? Let's find out.

July 17, 2019

Texas Instruments to build $3.1 billion chip plant, create nearly 500 jobs in Richardson, TX [Transcriptions]

Is Texas Instruments about to spend three-plus billion dollars in Richardson? There are a lot of questions right now on this new Texas Instruments plant that is likely to end up in Richardson after they shopped around the country looking for a place to do it. So TI is going ...

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Nov. 21, 2018

How Do Traffic Circles Work?

How are you suppose to drive in a traffic circle? Do you yield? It's not Rocket Science people! Take notes!

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Posted in Richardson, Safety, Security
June 20, 2018

DFW Market Report June 2018

Summer is in full swing! Kids are out of school, the public pools are packed, and it feels like it’s 200 degrees outside!

I’ve got to be honest with you (well I wouldn't lie to you), since I’m from England, I’m not the biggest fan of the Texas heat ...

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May 29, 2018

What's this about?

"They're seven and eight years old.  Seven and Eight." 
This has become the constant gut check, the one-liner to reset the tone, the immediate reminder of why I coach my son's 8u baseball team.  My buddy Clint, who coaches the team with me, and I ...
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May 22, 2018

Best Place to Cheat on Your Diet

What is the best fast food place to go to on a cheat day?? We got into a bit of a heated discussion and we'd love to get your take!!

Best Place to Cheat on Your Diet

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April 25, 2018

Should I / Can I sell my house all by myself? For Sale By Owner. FSBO.

It's a great market out there - why not sell your home yourself?  Should you?  Todd talks through selling your home yourself as a FSBO.