From time to time I'm reminded how important it is to focus on myself a little.  Do you do this?  Health, discipline, goals and even education are areas that we need to think regularly about ourselves.

As you know, I have two small children, volunteer with high school kids and of course have my marriage as a top priority.  It is easy to be convinced that I should always put those others first. The truth is, "usually" I should.  But, at least periodically we must focus on personal health, discipline, goals and our overall self-leadership in order to be a great leader to the others who depend on us.

I'm currently working on reducing the absurdly high number of Dr. Peppers I drink each day so that I'm actually alive for those who depend on me!

How have you focused on yourself lately so that you can benefit others?


Todd Tramonte

PS. I'm also constantly learning about homes, the real estate market and negotiation and marketing strategies to grow my ability to serve great friends and clients like you!


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