I attended a college graduation party this weekend. 
When the excitement of educational achievement and the talk about new opportunities waned, I sent my three sub eight-year-old children in with the gift.  Then, I sat back and imagined the total disappointment in the new grad's mind.   
I sent each of my children over with a different book.  The first book was a paperback copy of Tommy Nelsons book A Life Well Lived
The second child approached with a tiny staple-bound copy of selected quotes from the diary of the founder of a ministry I believe God has used to change the eternities of more young people than almost any other. 
Finally, my youngest, littlest and currently cutest little one delivered another tiny staple-bound copy of The Tyranny of the Urgent.
I really did wonder whether our friend, in his lower twenties, thought that I thought this was a joke.  Then he discovered the cash inside.  It wasn't that bad of a gift now.
After having my 2nd grader tell him that "Readers are leaders and learners are earners," I went on to explain to him that these are three of the most impactful books on my life to date.  After The Bible, Screwtape Letters and maybe one or two others, these three books are what I believe a young person, or any person, should be thinking, focusing and meditating on as they ponder their future and their impact.
I'm confident that after my explanation this young man will read the books.  I'm hopeful that after reading, he'll go on to value relationships over accolades, prayer over packages and the fruit of personal and community growth over the chasing of the next shiny object.
I'll pray he goes out into the world and makes an impact for God and for good and that he stands firm in the face of what the world will bring to his doorstep.  I'll pray that he creates a life instead of taking only whatever others leave behind. 

I pray the same for you!
Your friend in the real estate business,
Todd Tramonte

P.S. If you have any awesome book recommendations for me, let me know.  I'm an audio book addict lately, but will hunt anything down.