Lately, I have been surrounded by opportunity, as have the members of my team. I hope you have too. 

What strikes me about the excitement of opportunity though is the accompanying fear. Many people sabotage their own success by quitting when things get tough or too busy and this fear rears it's ugly head.

I believe it is a confused but very real fear of success.  Yes SUCCESS. 

Unless it is unusually painful or public, failure is sadly comfortable for most people. Have you heard anyone say "I can't catch a break" or "that will never happen" lately?

Success on the other hand changes everything.  It is new and unknown. Family and friends may view you differently. You may feel new responsibilities that come along with succeeding. 

I want to encourage you to conquer any fear of success you may have and in doing so you'll minimize the pesky fear of failure you may have as well. 

Face these fears by putting in the extra work, learning new things and stretching your comfort zone.

Most importantly of all though is to surround yourself with positive success seeking people. 

Start now. The results will last a lifetime!

Todd Tramonte