There are many reasons to buy a home in Richardson, TX.  Below is a list I've put together to help paint a picture of why Richardson is such a great place to live.

  • Richardson is a small family oriented town.
  • Richardson is the first city north of Dallas and is therefore close to many great Dallas destinations.
  • Richardson homes for sale are quite affordable and range from just under $100,000 in to the millions, offering attractive neighborhoods for families and individuals of all kinds.
  • Richardson Independent School District (RISD) is highly regarded for award winning academic performance and sought after student experiences.
  • Richardson has more park and trail space than nearly any other North Texas community.
  • Richardson is home to Sherrill Park Golf Course.
  • Richardson is home to Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts
  • Richardson has new construction homes as well as 60 plus year old traditional homes.
  • Richardson houses many of the nation's top technology companies.
  • Richardson is very well known for top notch police, fire and emergency services.
  • Richardson has countless resources for children.
  • Richardson's library is one of the best in the state of Texas.
  • Richardson has a vibrant parks and recreation community as well as multiple community centers.
  • Richardson's baseball, softball and soccer facilities are the envy of many nearby cities.
  • Richardson's home turnover rate is extremely low, meaning folks settle in and don't leave.
  • Richardson's job market is quite strong.

This entry will be continually updated and is just the first of what will be a series of posts about many of the small hyper local markets within our larger market of Dallas real estate or DFW real estate.  Check back soon for additional towns, cities and even a few notable neighborhoods.


Todd Tramonte

The Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team