The contractor responsible for repairing the hanging blinds on my office window was supposed to be there at 9:00AM to fix the damage from the sagging ceiling in my office caused by three months of "we'll get right on that" broken promises from the landlord. I know that he was supposed to be here at 9:00AM because I was told that 4 times by the building owner.

I'm writing this to you in my office at 9:42.

A part of me wants to ask the owner who would just turn around and ask the contractor, "where is your integrity?"

It is an amazing world we live in where the mere action of keeping your word to people is a triumphant differentiator. It separates you from the crowd nearly instantly as a top performer, a rising star and a high character individual. You don't even have to promise great things, just do what you promise.

In my world of real estate, this is even more exaggerated as many agents work part time or from home or even their car and struggle to have systems and organization around them to facilitate keeping their word. Don't get me wrong, I know that life gets busy and things change constantly, but I just want to challenge you today to be a person of integrity and also promise you that my team and I will do that for you and your friends and neighbors when you trust us with an introduction.

To your success and mine,


Todd Tramonte


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