"They're seven and eight years old.  Seven and Eight." 
This has become the constant gut check, the one-liner to reset the tone, the immediate reminder of why I coach my son's 8u baseball team.  My buddy Clint, who coaches the team with me, and I both need constant reminders that these are children, they are learning, that it is not worth saying what we may want to say to another coach.  

Sports are awesome, sportsmanship is a valuable lesson, competition, winning, losing, working towards a goal, learning to commit to something more than yourself, these are life lessons that will last long after a season of coach pitch.  

However, I find myself getting fired up in just seconds and needing to hear, "seven and eight," before I make a fool of myself, my child, my family, my faith, and our other team members.

It isn't all that different at home.  This year, I've had this little phrase I say to myself, "do the thing," that reminds me to get up, do the thing I just thought about doing for my wife, children, team members at work, friends, or family.  Don't ignore the urge, I think to myself, "do the thing."
At work, I need to be reminded that, while I love houses and buildings, we aren't here for the houses.  "Relationships, not deal" we say to each other over and over.  
What phrase, reminder, or one liner do you use or should you use?
Where is there a risky place you'd prefer not to go, an attitude you'd like not to have, a mindset that you know isn't healthy?
What is true?  What should you be reminded of?
I hope this helps you get back on track quickly.  It does for me.
Have a great week,
Todd Tramonte
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