Jury duty.  No, it is not all about jury duty, but my wife being on jury duty this week has reminded me what it truly is all about.  It being life and what it is all about being faith, family and loving your neighbor.  I challenged my wife not to take the childcare provider (mom) exemption that allows you to skip out on jury duty.  We felt that it was the right thing to do. 

Then, she was selected to a jury. 

So, as I spent all of last week with my kiddos, I realized how great the privilege of spending time with them is.  Many dads don't get to hang out with their children for more than a few hours per day and I'm getting (jury duty is still going) to really dive in for more than a week. 

Even in the middle of an office move and a very exciting growth phase for our team, I'm reminded how awesome my kids are.  Carter is a jokester and loves to be tickled and to "pway wuff" with daddy.  Allie always wants to "wun" and loves it when I chase her through the house.  While Dana would prefer to be home with the kids and in the office, she is enjoying seeing our kids get some extra daddy time too.

I just wanted to share my little wake up call about being grateful when I could or would be annoyed.

I dare you to make a list of all of the things you are grateful for.  Right now. 

If you email me a copy, I'll send you something you'll like.

Have a great week,

Todd Tramonte

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