Often, the biggest obstacle to getting what we want out of life is not knowing exactly what we want.  

Sounds like a stupid thing to say doesn't it? 

We see this on our real estate team when buyers can't get over the hump to make an offer on a house because they can't be sure which one is right.  This often happens because those individuals or families don't yet know exactly what they want.  They know generally, but not specifically. 
^^^ That is the big problem for many of us.
We all want more time to do the things we love, less drama, more money, more health, more sleep, less debt etc. even if we have different reasons for wanting these things.
I'm still working every day at becoming more specific in my wants based on what I believe to be my life's purpose.  THAT part I'm pretty clear on.  
My purpose is to love and serve my family, my friends, my team at work and anyone I have an opportunity to interact with or impact as I model the love of Jesus.  There it is.  <<< My Purpose. 

This weekend, we packed our family of five in the truck, filled the back with furniture, hooked up the trailer and filled it with furniture and supplies and drove to Fort Worth to setup our new expanded office space just west of down town.  My wife and I left proud that we are loving on our team members in FW as we invest in the environment they'll spend a lot of time in.
Then, we shot over to the FW Zoo and did the full loop with our three little ones.  We saw the monkeys, hippos, sharks and had a truly wonderful family outing minus the sole disappointment of no cheetahs being present.  My wife and I left there happy to have loved on our children and shared how God makes all the animals unique and how he called them good at creation.
After the office and the Zoo, we went straight to the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo to ride the carnival rides, eat some rodeo food and for me to host my weekly radio show, Texas Real Estate w/ Todd Tramonte live from our booth in the exhibit hall with WBAP.  We finally left there exhausted, but proud to have put a new team member on the air as well as our two "big kids" and to have generously shared some expertise and love through the show.
So, you may be starting to understand what I want.  I want to have impact and to love those around me.
What do you want?
Can my family or team and I help in any way?
Your buddy in the real estate business,
Todd Tramonte 

P.S. If you are looking for ways to join us as we aim to love those around us, I'd love to point you towards two great organizations.  1) Richardson Area Young Life and 2) 2ndSaturday.org