We're Rich


Whether you feel particularly wealthy or not, I'm guessing you are reading this on your phone, tablet or computer... in America. I'm making no judgments as to your financial situation or your level of happiness, but I've been thinking lately about how our "stuff" doesn't have much to do with our happiness or our lasting joy.

I watched a documentary on happiness, read a few books about stewardship and have had several discussions about the balance of ambition and contentment. My big take-away is this: We're rich. We have the freedom to pursue our desires, wants, needs, passions, faith and even our delusions because we are living in the United States of America. 

This is a privilege that I don't take for granted, but I'm lately finding myself curious of how much this privilege keeps me from more purpose, more happiness and more joy. My desire for more stuff, more success, more money, and more of everything often stresses my time, energy and focus on things of greater significance. I'm trying to focus more on things of lasting value.

I hope you have found the right balance in your life and challenge you to celebrate your unique American freedom while also enjoying the little things that may actually bring more benefit than the "stuff" we pursue every day.

Have a wonderful week,



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