Robert Griffin III was drafted number two overall by the Washington Redskins (sorry Cowboys fans,) Spring is fully in the air here in North Texas and oh by the way, the real estate market in our area is very very active.

After several lunch meetings lately with very very good mortgage lenders, I've decided it is worth a note to share with Dallas area home buyers how readily available mortgages are right now.  Rumors would have you believe that it is very difficult to get a home loan in the "current market."  Well, in the Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Allen, Mckinney, Frisco and surrounding areas it is not terribly difficult.  The reason that our area is more attractive to the folks who offer loans is simple.  The Dallas area real estate market is very healthy.  Homes are rising in value again or at worst are flat.  Our job market is relatively strong and foreclosures are on the decline. 

If your dream of owning a home for the first time, owning a larger home or investing in real estate has not been achieved, now is the time. 

A responsible person with consistent verifiable income and good or better credit will have very few challenges to getting very attractive loans.  We have recently had clients close on home purchases with loans of 3.5%, 3.75% and one even at 3%.  These are unbelievably attractive options for owning a home.  We have recently helped families buy homes for $16k, $20k and $35k under market value.  We just had one of our investors buy a home in the M Streets area off of lower Greenville for $137,000 under market value.  Really!

If we can help you achieve your real estate goals, call now.


Todd Tramonte

The Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team