Dana TramonteShe’s the essential right hand of the Todd Tramonte empire, keeper of the books, and the wife of the boss: get to know Dana Tramonte! Between two little ones and a staff she adores, she’s always on her toes and ready to go.

Family Fun: Dana and Todd have two kiddos, both toddlers, and there’s nothing better than chasing the adorable duo around! The kids keep her moving, and Dana loves teaching them how to bake or dolling them up in her handmade duds. Working with Todd means she gets a lot more time with the hubby, and the two make a great team. The whole gang spent Christmas in Houston, and the kidlets had a blast driving through the prairie lights and visiting with Santa. Dana and the fam rang in the new year with a well-earned movie night - it’s not every day that they can have some cuddly couch time! In her well-deserved alone time, Dana loves to read, and she’s not picky. She’s up for whatever book happens to fall into her hands!

Getting in the Biz: Taxes aren’t fun for a lot of people, and even as a CPA for eight years, Dana knew it wasn’t where she wanted to stay. So, during this past summer, she moved on over to real estate with her husband, Todd! At the office, Dana is the one keeping the books, tracking referrals and caring for clients. She loves that as a business owner, she can show the people she works with just how much she cares for and values their work (they make everything possible!). Dana and Todd are creating a team here, and she loves showing the crew and clients what they’re all about! The switch allowed her to relax into a great environment, with the freedom and flexibility to be with her family while doing meaningful work - and Dana loves sharing that with the people around her!

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