With the New Year in full swing, we get both introspective and retrospective - and all of this spectiveness makes us look hard at the people we want to become. We look at the resolutions we made last year: Did we keep them? How far have we come? If you’re like most of us, resolution keeping starts out with a flurry of activity, but come February, the rest of life kicks in and suddenly, resolutions that felt so important in December, become lists on paper tucked away into a drawer. So, how do you make the resolutions of 2014 a reality? Almost 10 years ago, psychologist Dr. John Grohol came up with a list of five tips for resolution conquest:

Pick Realistic Goals: This doesn’t mean, “don’t be ambi- tious.” Ambition is good! It helps to motivate us, and propels us to our goals. However, knowing thyself mediates ambitions that are too far-flung and unattainable. Setting realistic goals, after looking at what is actually possible, allows you to reach for some- thing that is within your grasp (but remember, you’ll still have to reach!).

Define Your Goals: This one is easy! Once you have your goals in mind, define them down to every ‘t’ so there is no room for fudging. Specifically detailing what you’re aiming for gives you the assurance that you’re not going to settle for whatever you land on. Make your success real so you can tailor your action plan to a specific outcome.

Schedule Success: Let’s face it, scheduling is hard for ev- eryone. But resolutions require planning. No matter what you’re conquering in the New Year, get organized and you’ll be primed and ready to make it happen. Create a schedule, and stick to it, to make the guesswork disappear!

Failure is Part of the Process: Remember that setbacks happen! Just because you’re having a bad week, month, or year, doesn’t mean that you’ve been given the reason to throw in the towel. If you want results, you have to take action, and accept that every once in a while, you’ll slip up. It’s in how you handle those slip-ups that determines your success in the long term.

Bring in the Cavalry: Don’t go at it alone! True, no one can change anything about your life except you, but without a support system, keeping resolutions can feel close to impossible. Enlist the experts so you’re not going solo. Remember - even the mountain climbers who conquered Everest had Sherpas to guide them!

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