Many companies goal is to grow as fast as possible by squeezing in as many "sales" as possible, but my goal has always been to build as many incredible relationships as possible and let the business grow more naturally and with a truly solid foundation. Interestingly enough, my company and team have really been growing lately.

I attribute this to the many fantastic clients we have worked with and gotten to know over the years and continue to stay in touch with as a resource for all sorts of home related issues. These awesome client friends of ours overwhelm us with the trust they put in us and the frequency with which they recommend us to friends, co-workers and family. It is truly a privilege to come to work each day and find ways to provide more value to folks like this.

Many of our client friends will swing by the office throughout the year to have something notarized for free, or they'll call to borrow a ladder, a dolly, bolt cutters, a leaf blower, folding chairs or any of the hundreds of items we offer our past clients who want to be part of our Raving Fan Club. Others will email or call for recommendations to really great service providers who offer our clients great service with high character and integrity and often with discounts. We have electricians, mortgage lenders, foundation repair companies, pest control people, roofers and so much more.

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Are you enrolled in our Raving Fan Club? If not, reply here and simply ask to be included!

Have a fantastic day,

Todd Tramonte