I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather and the exciting outdoor events that are hosted in our area this time of year.  While many folks stop thinking about home improvements and making a move this time of year, I always encourage folks to take advantage of the opportunities that come in the fall.  Prices for repairs are typically lower this time of year and much of the market competition leaves the market until spring.  If you have updates or improvements on your to do list, for whatever reason, check out the great info in this week's Mojo.

If you're considering selling your home or just increasing the value of your property, here are a few relatively inexpensive steps you can take.  Preparing your home before putting it on the market will help to present your home in the best light to potential buyers, increase sales price and reduce selling time. 

The top five home improvements that Realtors recommend to nationwide home sellers, based on average cost and return on investment (ROI) to sellers, are:

  1. Cleaning and de-cluttering ($290 cost / $1,990 price increase / 586% ROI / 99% recommended)
  2. Lightening and brightening ($375 cost / $1,550 price increase / 313% ROI / 97% recommended)
  3. Home staging ($550 cost / $2,194 price increase / 299% ROI / 80% recommended)
  4. Landscaping ($540 cost / $1,932 price increase / 258% ROI / 93% recommended)
  5. Repair Electrical or Plumbing ($535 cost / $1,505 price increase / 181% ROI / 92% recommended)

If you're thinking about performing any of these improvements, keep in mind that we have great relationships with reputable vendors and we are always happy to recommend someone or offer our advice and expertise.