Nearly my entire life I've thought terrible thoughts about the middle aged guys who park their Corvettes and 350Zs deliberately over the line at the grocery store.  I've always hoped that at best they were trying to protect their cars from damage, but assumed that they were just trying to show off.
Now, I double park. 
Only at the office, but still...  I feel a little sketchy doing it.  
The reason I double park is quite different though.  The goobers that designed our parking lot must have envisioned a future where everyone was going to drive smart cars and where pickup trucks and SUVs would be obsolete.  The parking spaces are barely long enough for those cars much less a grown up truck.
I double park so I can get my front tires all the way to the curb and avoid hitting a parking block and losing another two feet of space and therefore hanging out into the roadway.  I know that is too much information, but I'm still feeling sketchy about it remember?
I was actually giving this some deep thought this morning on my way in and it sorta triggered a familiar thought that I've had over the years as we've grown the real estate business.  
Perspectives change.
Sometimes we do things we used to think were crazy, wrong, or even stupid.
We must be willing to explore the limits of what was/is normal, routine, expected in order to truly maximize our potential, deliver world class value to our clients, and avoid unnecessary risk, danger, and frustration for those we represent.
I'm not saying you should double park, but maybe you should.  Maybe you should find a few things that have always been done a certain way and start doing them a new way.  
I believe this mindset has been a big part of our growth and success and a big value to our clients.  I hope to find new ways to do old things in the future.
How can I help you grow in this way?
Your friend,
Todd Tramonte
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