Yes, you read that correctly.  Many areas in and near Dallas are experiencing such housing demand that the real estate market momentum as well as the raw numerical data point towards buyers having to rush to make very solid offers in order to get their desired home.  This applies of course to homes that are priced well and in good condition.  Uninformed and unrealistic sellers will always struggle to sell houses. 

I must admit that even my own team has at times underestimated the strength of certain Dallas real estate markets.  Of course, we were quickly reminded and took full advantage of opportunities for our clients!  The point here is simple.  As of today, many homes for sale in Dallas are in extremely high demand.  This allows sellers to be more aggressive with pricing than they have been in years.  Some of these areas include Lower Greenville and the M streets, entry level homes in Lake Highlands, West Richardson and parts of North Dallas feeding into RISD. 

While some areas aren't quite as robust, they are still in solid situations where reasonable sellers who price with the market can get full market value as long as their home is marketed well.  This applies to nearly all of the North and East Dallas market areas not listed just above. 

To be fair, there are still a few areas where home prices are depressed, but these are prime buying opportunities and smart Dallas home buyers and investors are taking full advantage.  These areas include Park Cities, smaller neighborhoods in Carrollton, Coppell, Mckinney and Frisco as well as most areas where active new construction of homes is happening. 

Overall, let this record show that Spring and Summer 2012 are and will be very favorable times to sell or buy a Dallas home!


Todd Tramonte

Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team