This educational residential real estate video is about marketing your home in order to sell it for maximum profit. One of the most important factors to consider in order to get maximum profit out of your home is how it’s positioned. You want the home positioned in such a way as to elicit the response from home buyers that it is positioned at the top of the market. This can be accomplished in part through home staging, which can make the home look as best as it possibly can be. You also want to focus on how you will negotiate on this home. Be conscious of how you are communicating to your prospective home buyers. You also want to create a large pool of home buyers in order to be able to identify the one home buyer that can’t live without your home. Once you’ve accomplished these three things you’ll want your Realtor to communicate this to as many people and places as possible. Use all the major real estate websites but don’t forget to take advantage of the free sites too.

Todd Tramonte

Broker/Owner of Market Experts Realty & The Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team

Real Estate Author of Live Free: The Art Of The 2-Year House Flip