There are over one million Realtors in America right now. About twelve of us have created professional boundaries to protect our time with our families, friends and non-work pursuits. Well, maybe eleven of  "them" have. You know, if you've worked with our team yet, that we obsess over our clients to ensure that they have a fantastic experience and we do have boundaries. But, we have been known to negotiate into the wee hours of the night in a final push for a client or to schedule a "crack of dawn" closing in a pinch. 

This weekend's tornado warnings and heavy rain reminded me what it is like to really spend a full weekend at home with family and friends. I had a few deals to check in on of course, but it was nice to feel human and to enjoy the rain and the peace that the rain brought. I'll toss in a garden metaphor here too to stay in theme with my recent garden obsession, but with the rains come new life. 

Our company has experienced some metaphorical rains lately as we've had a few miss-hires and lost a really great team member who moved on to a different industry. These rains also bring an opportunity for new growth and for brighter and bigger things.

Is there rain in your life right now? Will you see it as an opportunity for a pause in the action and a source of new life? I believe that you get to choose!


*****Okay, in honor of the Country Music Awards last night, I hid the name of multiple country music songs in this email. If you get the correct number of songs with the title and singer correct, I'll send you a gift card that will make your friends and co-workers fiercely jealous.

Have a fantastic week,

Todd Tramonte
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