Quick Tip and then a quick question below:

Tip - Have your furnace / heater checked now before things cool way down and it will cost a lot more.  Try Rodney Rinehart at 469.231.6411 for any Heating, Air Conditioning or Electrical needs.  He is who I use myself. 

     Do you have a friend, family member or maybe a co-worker who is outgrowing or has outgrown their house and needs to move into a larger home?  We have a special plan that is highly effective in this situation to keep families from getting stuck with 2 houses or no house.   

Please reply here and let us know the best way to reach out to your friend, family member, co-worker or neighbor. 

This really is a challenging real estate market for a move up and this approach is awesome!
Your friend,
Todd Tramonte
P.S. We are STILL on the lookout for 2 go-getters in Fort Worth and 1-2 in Dallas to help our sales team serve amazing families as they buy and sell homes. We are so careful to hire full time, committed people who truly care about clients that it takes a long time to find the right fit.  We don't require a license, just initiative and hustle.  We'll train on all the rest.  Do you have a buddy who may be interested?  If so, please send them to TTHST.info
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