Everyone I know is too busy.

I'm no exception. I have trouble saying no as often as I should and I like the action of having a lot going on. I do however also have a few non negotiable priorities as well as a handful of time consuming ambitions.

How do we fit it all in?

I certainly don't have all the answers, but I wanted to share a strategy I like for making HUGE progress when "nobody is looking." I mean, that nobody can figure out how you are getting so much done because you aren't breaking your back and burning the midnight oil to grow and achieve more.

1 HOUR EACH DAY. That is it. If you will really take an hour each day and dedicate it towards your desired outcome, you'll be miles ahead of the average pace of progress. (I think I broke that analogy) 

Most people get about 45 minutes of real work done in an 8 hour work day. Sad, but true. If you can carve out one solid hour of reading, writing, running, painting or whatever that area of passion or ambition is for you, you'll get seven full hours of progress in each week. 365 hours is the equivalent of 45 8 hour days working at full attention with zero distraction. Based on the average
productivity per work day, 365 hours of dedicated effort is the equivalent of 486 "normal" work days.

As you can see, 1 HOUR EACH DAY can change your life!

I'm currently reading one hour per day to become a better leader / manager of people. In what area of your life are you wanting to grow?

Have a great week,

Todd Tramonte

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