Plano real estate has been incredibly attractive since the early growth of the far north Dallas area.  For years Plano was accurately thought of as a newer community of nice homes and open spaces just north of Dallas and nearby Richardson.  Home prices are quite reasonable and schools are great.  Plano has a vibrant cycling and running community as well as an active arts following.  What Plano has not had until just recently is areas of town that are considered older.  

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The once trendy and fresh city is certainly still both of those things in many areas, but is also maturing in others.  As is natural in any city, homes are aging, streets are wearing and infrastructure is showing its years.  While many home owners are still eager to buy a home in Plano, and they are wise to do so, some are looking to newer areas within the city such as West Plano and others are looking farther north to cities like Mckinney and Frisco to find the newest opportunities for "young" real estate.

Like many other Dallas area cities, Plano will be fine.  In a community with as much to offer as Plano, TX has, aging is a reality that can be dealt with gracefully.  So far, Plano is doing just that.

HERE are a some recent Plano homes for sale!


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