So, the original plan was to remodel the current 1600ft house and resurrect the joke of a converted garage (400ish square feet more) to legitimate status and then possibly add on down the road.  Well, we sold the heck out of our existing house and pushed our cash budget up allowing us to add on about 800 square feet more. That was basically the update that turned into the second version of our plan.

Now, we will renovate the existing house, add two more bedrooms, a mud room and a game room and do significant exterior work too. Stay tuned for version 4.0 as there are always surprises! Below are a few pics of the existing house that we finally own (closed yesterday) and a note or two on what we'll do with that space.



This room (currently office / formal living / dining) will be our kitchen after we remove and fill in the window on the right, replace the window on the left with a shorter window allowing for countertops at standard height and then basically build a ground up kitchen.


This will be the other side of the kitchen with a corner pantry and refrigerator housing.


Both of these walls (really three) will come down and the island will be basically where the center of this picture is extending the kitchen past the perimeter of the existing room. Everything you'll be able to see will be new including floors, walls, ceiling, lights, appliances, cabinets, island, counters and on and on.


This room will be reshaped after walls come down and the island extends into some of the existing space, but will ultimately be the main living area. Floors leveled, new wood floors, walls, lights, paint etc.


The existing breakfast room will be built out into a utility room. Window stays, maybe even paneling. New floors, lights, paint, shelves and doors. The utility room will open to the main living area on one side and to the master bathroom via a pocket door on the other side.


The existing kitchen will become the new formal dining area basically just defined by the end of the kitchen on one side, the end of the utility room on the other side and a chandelier over the table and chairs. TBD if we will try to build the table ourselves. Not enough projects and all...


From this view, you'll be looking at the dining area and wall of the utility room while standing at the edge of the new kitchen.

Keep coming back as I'll post the rest of our plan here over the next week or so and include the plan for the two existing bathrooms and bedrooms plus the new ground up master bedroom, bathroom and closet.

We will get into the plans for the addition and exterior later.

I hope you're enjoying the "real" and "no filter" peak at our remodel adventure. Please feel free to share this link with your friends and family. 

Have a great weekend,



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