PGA is moving their headquarters here, but what does it mean for us? We'll get into it.

The PGA is moving their headquarters to Frisco, but what does this mean for our market? The answer is it means good things. If we sound like a broken record lately on Frisco, it’s because so many amazing companies have relocated to the area and so much exciting and fun development is happening there.

The PGA will be taking about 600 acres and developing it into two championship-quality golf courses. On top of that, a new short course will come to the area, and it will be lighted, meaning you're going to be able to play that bad boy at night. So you've got all that going on plus the actual PGA headquarters.

So like the corporate structure of the PGA, golf has changed a lot. A lot of credit goes to Tiger Woods and other big-name golfers, but a lot of that change has to do with the business of golf and the profitability of golf technology.

This is turning Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Frisco and beyond into a sort of a nucleus, a draw, much like Phoenix had on the golf world for so long. Florida has obviously been a big player as well. That's where the PGA headquarters are coming from. This relocation will be a real draw to the area, not just for recreational golf, but for the business of golf.

Whether you like the rapid development and growth of the Frisco area or not, economically speaking, this is definitely a good thing. It has huge positive impacts on our real estate market in and well beyond Frisco. There's a lot of people moving to work in Frisco, but they're often living in places like Prosper, Celina, McKinney, Plano, Carrollton, Coppell and beyond.


We always talk about home values when we talk about these big changes to the Metroplex. I would see this as a positive in both the short and long-term to property values and so much more.