This weekend we took the kids to the country for some good old fashioned out door fun. You know, when the iPad and wi-fi aren't the center of attention, things tend to look a little fresher!

We were picking pears from an old orchard on the corner of our little family property and I noticed how overgrown the trees had become. I immediately headed down to the barn for a few pairs of pruning shears to get to work. (I tend to jump on a "big idea" quicker than I sometimes should.) About thirty minutes into a now major multi-tree pruning effort, it kinda hit me. I was sprawled between two limbs while leaning out to clip a really bad water shoot that was pulling too much of the tree's energy away from good limbs that would produce fruit next year. [Life metaphor coming in 3,2...]

PearsWe used the Kroger bags to hold them, but I assure you these babies were fresh!

Do you need to cut out a few things that are draining your energy? Are there any projects, commitments or even people who are just a beating in your life? Get rid of them. Plain and simple. If they are good things that take you away from great things, stop them. If they are bad things, stop them. If they are people, limit your interaction as best you can. 

We only have so much energy and we can only do so many things well.

This is the part where my wife laughs that I tried to slide in another gardening/growing metaphor and it might have just worked!

Have a wonderful week focusing your energy on things that matter.



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