I come across a lot of people who say they’d love to invest in real estate if they had the money. The potential returns that real estate offers and the ability to leverage your money for investment purposes are just a few reasons for real estate’s mass appeal. You don’t see too many reality TV shows about mutual fund investing for a reason!

The overwhelming reason people don’t get into real estate investing is because they believe they don’t make enough money to do so. Based on the data below, you can see that investors aren’t just six-figure, C-suite execs. In fact, a majority of real estate investors are what most would consider “average” people.

The median investor last year was $87,600. That isn’t just necessarily per person – in fact, you could have a two-income household with both making $43,800 salaries and be able to actively invest in real estate. Taking a look at the graph you’ll notice there are several people making $25,000-$35,000 per year who are actively investing in real estate.

Based on 2010 census data the average Richardson, Texas household income was $68,776. Are you leaving money on the table by not taking advantage of historically low home prices and interest rates?



Matt Cafrelli

Certified Investor Agent Specialist

Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team