If you subscribe to the Dallas Morning News then you may be familiar with their survey of DFW’s Top 100 Best Places to Work.  This is a competition in which companies can apply to be tested based on survey results answered by their own employees. Companies use this as a test to see if they are actually as good as they think they are, which becomes very telling since the results are coming from the companies own staff. This years results were pretty impressive in relation to the Dallas Fort Worth job market because 34 of the 100 companies have made the Top 100 list three years in a row. According to this DMN article “Area workers rated their jobs 8.2 percent higher than the national average on two statements: I feel genuinely appreciated at this company and my pay is fair for the work I do.” This is another example of the strong job market that the Dallas Fort Worth area experiences in relation to other areas in the country.

Texas overall has faired better over the course of the recession compared to many other states. Dallas real estate has continued to display its strength as well. According to the Texas A&M Real Estate Center Dallas area homes have only seen a 1% drop in change in sales this year and a 7.9% drop in price. Dallas real estate continues to be a worthwhile investment, especially when compared to the near 40% price declines in California, 60% declines in Las Vegas, 56% declines in Phoenix, 50% declines in Miami and 30% declines in Chicago. Not everything is bigger in Texas! This is not to say that if you try to sell your Dallas area home that you should expect a 7.9% price reduction right off the bat, because you shouldn’t. An expert real estate advisor should market your home in order to drive up demand, which in turn will increase the price the home sells for. All in all, these numbers are better than most national averages and indicate that Dallas area real estate will continue to improve and remain a wise investment.

Do you work at one of the DFW's Top 100 Places to Work? What's your favorite part of it?

Kenny Ochs

The Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team