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Chapter 5

Marketing the Home for Sale

You will want to use a professional in order to effectively market your home for sale.  Your REALTOR® should present his or her marketing plan for your review.  He or she should have an aggressive attitude towards getting information about your home in front of prospective buyers. 

You too have a responsibility in this process.  Decorating a home for sale is very different from decorating a home for daily living.  Remember that home buyers generally make their buying decision based on emotion and irrational mental pictures of the exception as opposed to the rule.  You will want to create an atmosphere that allows the buyers’ mind to run wild as they fall in love with your investment property.   Allow them to see the product they can buy, the house, and not a bunch of “stuff” they can’t have.  Here are a few tips for designing your home to sell itself:

• Allow as much natural light in as possible.

• Leave all lights on during showings.

• Keep the house as clean and fresh as possible.

• Keep the house smelling good, but do not have too strong of an artificial aroma.

• Thin out all cabinets, shelves and closets so they will seem big. You are going to move anyway, so pack up unnecessary items and move them to storage.

• Make sure that there aren’t any visible family photos or photos of people anywhere. Visitors instinctively stop to look at who you are and what you are like. This isn’t helping sell the house at all.

• Remove as many rugs and rarely used furniture pieces as possible. This will make the rooms feel larger. 

• Ensure that you or your REALTOR® take really great photos of the home during the day.  A bright but cloudy day is best for this.

On day 730, when you begin the process of marketing the home for sale, you must remember that this is not your baby. This home is an investment, so begin to detach yourself from the memories you have created with your friends and family.  Begin to look more rationally at the numbers and terms, which will lead to a beneficial transaction for all parties. 

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