Remember that game kids used to play in school called MASH?  I know that it was an approved version of child spookery and fortune telling that seems a little bit creepy looking back, but I also recall that you found out if you would live in a Mansion, Apartment, Shack or House. 

Fess up folks, was it right for you?  I'm pretty sure I played until I got Mansion every time, so clearly my career path was revealing itself early.

In the North Dallas area of Texas, you can find all four options, but with a limited suppy of Houses and more and more Shacks being torn down and rebuild into Mansions.  I understand that there is a wide range of definitions for both mansion and house, but we'll sufice it to say that we all agree that a shack is a less than desirable home with significant need for repair. 

If you are looking for a Shack in North Dallas, your options are very very limited.  If however you are searching for a Mansion, whether it be mini or mega, you will find many homes to chose from.  Don't play games with these homes though.  They can be difficult to actually purchase as sellers are typically more crafty and experienced in "deal making" than typical Dallas home sellers.

Years ago, I studied to become an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist and while new information was scarce, one key concept was the idea that high end home sellers tend to involve CPAs, Attorneys and often assistants and business advisors in the process.  If you intend to buy or sell a "mansion" in the Dallas, TX area soon, make sure we talk before you get too far into the process. 

We are all motivated by the same impulses, but some have those impuses dressed in success, pride and ego.  Experience goes a long way in this scenario. 

I'm reminded of a very interesting and extremely fun home that my team and I marketed a few years ago.  See pictures below:



By Todd Tramonte