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Yesterday was driveway day. (And electrical day and plumbing day and foundation forms day and lighting day and new gas line day and 15 year old brick/junk pile haul off day and on and on). We started with a rough rock driveway that had seen better days. It had some very low spots and cut the front yard in half causing there to be two spots that just didn't look or feel right. We needed to move a good portion of the driveway as we are building an addition very near the old driveway. So, in true remodel fashion, the project just kept creeping bigger and bigger. Now, we have a really great "circle" driveway that allows for way more parking and for easier entrance and exit during day to day living as well as parties etc.

It also delivered on our goal of giving the front of the house a "deeper" feel off of the road. I can't wait to get my weeping willow tree planted dead center as soon as we have fewer than 11 cars parked on the lawn.


Below are some pictures of the action:








shower being built

hall bath plumbing

new bathroom shower plumbing going in


More to come!



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