We are in the home stretch now.  I refuse to type the actual date we hope to move

in, but we are now focused on a "bazillion" little things as we have hopefully made

most of the big decisions.  Paint, floors, counters, doors, fixtures etc. are going in

this week, but my mind is looking forward to a ton of small items that will have big

impact on how we live here.


What grass will grow well here, but not overrun the rock driveway and garden beds?

What trees will grow here, shade well, but not kill the grass and garden due to too

much shade?

How should we fence in the propane tank?

Should we fence in a small backyard to keep the dog and kids in?

How should I address fixing fences that are shared with neighbors?

When should we have internet, security, and other services installed?

Did I blow it by not having a water filter put on the main water line?

Which type of pump do I need to run a sprinkler system off my well?

... and on and on and on.


Dear Wife, Do you remember this place?


More to come.