Hi Folks!

If you read my message from last week, I talked about my list of things I'm grateful for. Well, here it is:

  • The Lord Jesus who paid the price for me to be reconciled to God who in His perfect love made a way for Him to love me even in my messy imperfection.
  • My amazing, incredible, giving, loving, smart, gorgeous, fun and gifted wife.
  • My sweet, smart, active and loving children.
  • My family - both blood and by choice. The folks that keep me in check, encouraged and hungry for more life.
  • My team at work. They belong in the line above as well, but needed to be distinguished.
  • Our church, the strong and gifted leaders who model love, service, stewardship and perseverance and the countless friends we live life with.
  • Our home
  • Baylor University, our football team and Arthur Ray Briles. Happy early birthday Art!
  • Haribo gummy bears
  • Dr. Pepper and Root Beer
  • Chicken Fried Steak and Cream Gravy
  • Good Books and The Good Book
  • Those that challenge me by encouragement or frustration. Both.
  • The freedoms I have as an American and those that gave them to me.
  • The great state and former republic of Texas.
  • The many challenges that stretch and test me.
  •  ...and so so so much more.

I am blessed beyond belief and have learned that many of my struggles are an important part of this blessing. I pray the same for you.

Happy Thanksgiving from my family and team to yours,


Todd Tramonte

P.S. I dare you to share your list with me!

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