Keller is a great community just outside of Fort Worth. If you're not from the area at all, Dallas sits on the east side of the Metroplex while Fort Worth is on the west. Dallas is a little bit bigger, but both cities are growing like crazy. Now Keller is so close to Fort Worth that parts of it have actually had their addresses changed to Fort Worth, but it's its own independent community with an excellent school district and lots of really big positives.

There's a lot of new construction and the Keller area, so most homes there are really early-to-mid 90s or newer. There are plenty of opportunities to find homes that are newer and larger than what you typically find as you get closer to the heart of Fort Worth inside Loop 820. Most of Keller consists of traditional neighborhoods, but there are also opportunities for homes that sit on larger lots. The affordability of Keller helps to make it that much more attractive.

Keller is a popular destination for folks that are working in the Fort Worth area but want to live a little bit outside of town. Interstate 35, which takes you straight into Downtown Fort Worth from Keller, has been widened and now offers express lanes to account for the significant amount of ongoing growth north of Fort Worth.

There's a tremendous amount of restaurants and shopping opportunities around the area, on top of plenty of beautiful parks and recreation areas. Individuals of any age, as well as families, will all find something to like about this town of about 40,000 people.

There's been rapid growth in the last 10 years, and we would expect continued growth for the foreseeable future. If you're thinking about relocating specifically to Keller, we hope this is really helpful for you. If you're considering the Fort Worth side of the Metroplex, it would be difficult to consider that area without at least taking a peek at Keller.


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