I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to make ABSOLUTELY SURE that you know that I have been building a MASSIVE resource for you for years and years now, but I've really tripled down on it over the last eight months or so.  
Here is a link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9B-MuX4U0zM) to the main video on our youtube page.  You can find over 150 videos about home ownership, home buying, home selling, and all sorts of questions that I've answered live on the radio show on our channel at www.TTHST.tv.  
Let me know if there is a question you'd like answered or an idea you'd like to discuss soon and I'll address it in a video and maybe live on my radio show.  
As  you know, my goal is to provide world class value to you before, during, and after you buy or sell a home with us.  So much so, my hope is that we'd provide such incredible value for you that you'd be excited to introduce us to one or more friends who wants to buy or sell a home each year.  
Our team is committed to being a tremendously valuable relationship in your life for a long long time.  
Have a phenomenal week,


Todd Tramonte


P.S. Don't ignore emails from me over the next few weeks.  I'll be sending a few invites out for some really fun events and a surprise gift or two as well.