I want to know if I'm all alone.

I used to be rock solid showing no emotion publicly and very little privately. Then I got married. I began to feel protective and responsible more than ever before and certain things would really get me going. Now that I have two little ones, I'm softening up even more. I wouldn't be telling you this if I wasn't okay with it, but I've decided that I'm more than okay with it. I'm proud that my commitment to and love for my family can make me almost instantaneously proud, sad, protective, fearful or even angry. I just wanted to check in with you and see if you are lucky enough to know the things in your life worth crying, fighting and living for. Do you? This all sprung into mind when I was watching a classic movie that has a powerful scene about a father challenging another man who has a significant amount of influence over his son. He fearlessly stood firm in his convictions about teaching his son the right way to live. I felt my eyes water up and wasn't exactly sure what was happening until I paused it and sat there thinking about how much I want to lead my son and my family well.

I hope you are as passionate about your loved ones as well.


-Todd Tramonte