As the great Yogi Berra once said, It aint over till it's over.


The remodel has taken a month off due to rain.  We are not complaining too loudly as we appreciate the rain on our drought depleted soil.  It has allowed for some grass seed to take and for the garden and fruit trees as well as some shade trees to take root.  We did however finally start to paint the outside of the house yesterday.  The two-tone brick look had worn out its welcome.  So, the project lives on for another week or so.  We have made a few other notable strides listed below with a few pics too.

New electrical was run to the garage after mysteriously losing power out there.

New electrical was run tot he well in order to install a sprinkler system run completely

off of a well pump.  The little dude's 5th birthday paid off huge with a trampoline too!


New Trampoline.


Some new paint, but not trim, shutters, landscaping etc. YET!!!


Peach trees growing!


More to come.