Last night, after an early morning trek back from Houston to make a T-Ball game, a quick re-build of the deck of the trailer, a trip to Lowes to pickup 11 new fruit trees AND a trip to Home Depot to pickup a massive auger, my little man chose to stay outside and help me finish planting trees instead of heading in to eat and watch TV.


This was a top ten parenting moment for me. He very clearly stated that he wanted to "finish the job." He is five!


I'm convinced that in the modern world of short cut diets, work smart - not hard business plans, digital goal setting, public social media proclamations and the general encouragement of laziness and failure, good old fashioned hard work is thought by many to be excessive and abusive.


My best buddy and I had a blast prepping the area, digging huge holes, amending the soil, aligning the drip hoses, planting the trees, watering and then cleaning up. We talked about how he is learning, in school and at home, what living things require. We also talked baseball.


We were filthy!


But, I'm thrilled that he is learning that he can produce a desirable result with a little sweat and effort. That life lesson will be a top priority for me to teach and re-teach as my children grow up.


This week I just want to remind you that hard work still "works," and that anybody selling you anything else is less than trustworthy.


Ready for fresh home-grown fruit,


Todd Tramonte


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