Last night, my little man had a major breathing problem caused by the Croupe. I came racing home from a Young Life group to find him unwilling to take his medicine. The medicine required him to wear a mask attached to a nebulizer to vaporize the medicine so that it can be inhaled directly into his lungs. Sadly, we had to use a towel like a straight jacket and restrain him while we placed the mask on his head so that he could receive his medicine and begin to feel better.

Carter Man

I was thinking so vividly about how I'm often just as stubborn. It usually stems from my ignorance of the benefit that follows an unpleasant experience.  

What scary thing do you need to do right now to achieve your next goal or live your life more fully and more freely. What hard conversation or big decision do you need to finally face?

Very few of us have overcome all of these growth opportunities.  

Let my little guy inspire you. This morning, he fearlessly grabbed the mask, put it on and turned the machine on all by himself!


-Todd Tramonte