Sometimes the amazing results that we achieve for our clients become routine for us. I hate to type that at the risk of sounding like an over-confident jerk, but it really is true. We have busted our tails and obsessed over building a truly robust marketing plan for home sellers for nearly 15 years and it works. It works really well. Occasionally I'll be sharing a brief story about one of our clients' results and a friend or acquaintance will be stunned. 


That happened live on the air as I was being interviewed for a talk radio show this week. Of course, I was quite happy that the host of the show was so impressed, but I was a bit embarrassed that I had become desensitized, even if just for a moment, to the real impact that selling homes for way way over the normal sales price and in way way under the normal time has on our clients.


Just recently, we sold a home for a couple in Richardson. It was an elderly family member's home and it had recently been cleaned up and made ready for sale. They were cautiously optimistic about asking $250,000. To make a long story short, we sold it for $282,000 after asking $275,000 and the offer was received about 10 hours after we went live "on the market."


A few days before that we sold a home that "comparables" would have valued at $260,000 for $295,000 after asking $290,000.


Both were all time sales records for their neighborhoods.


I'd be honored to do the same for you or a friend of yours.


Have an amazing week,


Todd Tramonte


P.S. What do you do really really well that may have grown routine for you?

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