According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2008 real estate brokers and sales agents held about 517,800 jobs.  Of those 517,800 licensed brokers and agents, how many do you think were experts? I'm willing to bet that the number of experts in the group was surprising low, given the importance of this profession. 


Agents are trusted by families to help them make a safe and wise investment when they purchase a home. This is generally the largest investment that a family is likely to make in their lifetime. Unfortunately, there are agents who are licensed and providing this service to families at a level far below 'expert' status. 


Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines expert as "displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience." People are not born experts, they have to learn, train and constantly practice what they are doing in order to elevate themselves to a level of expertise. 


I'd like to modestly brag on our team for a minute because as time goes by I'm constantly reminded that we are true experts at our craft. We continually train and practice in order to maintain the highest level of knowledge and skill that is unfortunately not seen enough in real estate. We do this in order to provided the highest level of service, value and care to our clients. Just this past weekend, after a very rainy week, our agents held an open house during a downpour. In case you were wondering, open houses in torrential downpours are usually less than ideal open house weather situations. Our agents were still able to attract 50-60 people into their open house despite the weather. Once those people were in the house and out of the rain they were greeted by a completely dark house, since the electricity was turned off and the rain made the afternoon look like the middle of the night. Not to worry, our agents simply downloaded a flashlight app on their iPhones and showed the guests around by flashlight. Is that not the mark of an expert, or maybe a Boy Scout? I hesitate to say that at this point a regular agent would give up because I doubt that a regular agent would have held an open house in hurricane force rain but I'm happy to say that our agents kept trucking along. They met some great people in the open house and one of our agents had a follow up meeting a few days later with a couple from the open house and discovered that this couple had missed out on a few houses that they really had their eyes on because their previous agent was unfamiliar with the foreclosure process. This couple was relieved to finally meet a true real estate expert who will take great care of them and are excited about finding their dream home. I'm proud that the experts on our team are able to make such a significant impact on families lives and that I'm working along side a team of true and dedicated real estate experts.


Kenny Ochs

The Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team