By now, you may have seen my posts about the huge remodel my wife and I are doing on our new house. I have been really excited about the amount of interest folks have shown in my updates and photos of our plans. I've been humbled at the kind words of so many that are encouraging us to continue to be transparent about the challenges and rewards of doing this kind of project. 
I think the family home is a place to be carefully created and then protected, as it is the environment we cultivate our marriages in and train our children in. Love, kindness, discipline and fun are learned here and we ought to put some thought into the setting where that takes place. Now, there sure isn't anything wrong with buying a place that is already ideal, but we have always chosen to start with a "rougher" slate and build up from there. 
This is where HGTV sells a story that just isn't realistic. Apart from the shows I've actually been a part of where I've seen the truth get twisted, pulled and flat out distorted, the reality of this kind of project is that there are challenges, delays, surprises, changes to the plan, fun discoveries, budget setbacks, contractor issues and all sorts of adventures. It is worth it because you get to customize your home and then your life around your values, your priorities and your goals. 

Disregard the fantasy scenarios where kitchens cost $65,000 and new bathrooms take six weeks to complete.  Also rest easy knowing that agents never EVER negotiate your purchase or sale price face to face in a bar, on a putting green or at an "industry party."  These shows are theater and not reality.  A project like this is challenging, difficult, but can also be affordable, fun and extremely rewarding.  We'll keep sharing the truth with you and if some day, you chose to do this yourself we are here to help!
We've barely started and have already added to, taken away from and significantly modified our plans. Keep current with what we are doing HERE, share the link with friends who like homes and remodeling and comment below the updates to let us know your thoughts.
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