UPDATE 1/19/2015 - We STILL have families just waiting for a home to come available in the Reservation neighborhood in Richardson.  We sell quite a bit in this neighborhood and J.J. Pearce, but our clients and our team would love to sell more.  Call us right away at 214.216.2161 if you want the inside scoop on our private portfolio of homes where owners have told us, "we will sell in the fall" or "We would sell for this price, just let us know."


What homes are for sale in The Reservation?  Great Question! Our team currently represents several buyers who are poised like lions and positioned to pounce on any available homes that come available in this incredibly desirable Richardson neighborhood.  With incredible Mohawk Elementary and fantastic trees and parks, this Richardson subdivision is a top destination for young couples and families alike.  Still in Dallas county and just on the border of the City of Dallas, the neighborhood has a lot to offer home buyers.  In the last six months, seven homes have sold in The Reservation (including adjoining JJ Pearce) in less than five days!  Nine homes have sold in less than 30 days.  Even the foreclosures are selling significantly faster than market averages. 

Recently, I spoke with several Richardson Realtors who work this neighborhood and each of us had multiple buyers simply waiting for a fitting home to come on the market for sale to meet our buyer's needs.  If you or someone you know is thinking about selling a home in The Reservation or JJ Pearce in Richardson, TX call me right now at 214.216.2161.  Really.  Call me.  I'm extension five.

Note that many other areas of Richardson and North and East Dallas are very attractive to buyers as well.  As we experience a slight recovery in real estate market optimism in mid to late 2012, and a significant increase in legitimate market opportunities in 2013 and beyond, more and more markets will join the party.  When this happens though, these markets will continue to follow Richardson's Reservation!


Todd Tramonte

The Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team