Many potential home buyers are putting off looking for the home of their dreams due to the over-all real estate market.  This is also the case for many people that fall into the generational segment know as “Gen Y or the Millennial Generation”.  Gen Y is not a well-defined age group but typically they are between the ages of 18-34.  Gen Yers are know as the first generation that grew up with the technologies that us “older” folks take for granted.  The internet, smart phones, texting and e-mail are just a few.  They are used to having a great access to quick information but the information that they receive can get in the way of the overall message.  When a Gen Y begins to consider purchasing a home they will first use the internet to gather information by reading news stories, blogs and tweets.  This may be a great source of information but it is many times a very broad representation of the real estate market on a national level.  The thing to remember is that real estate markets are hyper-local.  For example, the over all market for new homes in the Richardson and North Dallas areas has faired much better than many other areas of the country like California and Florida.


The best way for potential home buyers to gain access to the correct information in the market they want to purchase in is to contact a local real estate professional.  I've said it before but I'll say it again, now is the time!  Interest rates are still at all time lows and there are still plenty of homes for sale in North Dallas.


Alan Bayle

The Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team