Today we're talking about Garland, Texas. Garland is a really cool city that there's a lot of information that kind of surprises people. Despite Garland being the second-largest city in Dallas County, a lot of people think of it as a smaller town. There are about 240,000 residents in Garland. It's actually the 12th the largest city in Texas as of the last census.

Off to the northeast of Dallas, Garland has been thought of in the past as an industrial type of city. There's some manufacturing in Garland, but there's a lot more. Actually, it's one of the best employment markets in the country.

Residential property wise, there's a wide array of property. It's one of the areas where that entry-level first-time home buyer property can still be had under $200,000. There's not much of that left in Garland, but there's a little bit of that left and parts of Garland. There are also some high-end parts of Garland, especially around the Firewheel area, which features Firewall Town Center, a great huge retail development, as well as the Firewheel neighborhood near Firewheel Golf Park. This public access golf area features multiple highly-regarded courses.

Garland Independent School District, has really come onto the scene lately as a technology-focused school district. There's been some change in the district staffing, and there's a lot of positive momentum moving forward. Garland is an interesting school district because it allows you to apply to send your student to any campus in the whole district. So if you have a high school student, you can choose which high school your student goes to. Typically you will be accepted to go to the school of your choice. Students can be bussed to the school that's nearest to their home, but as long as parents are willing to take care of transportation, they can go to other campuses. There are a number of magnet campuses and some advanced study options throughout the different campuses.

Location-wise in the far northeast, Garland is a great entry point to the extended eastern part of the DFW Metroplex where it is still easy to get back into Dallas. Highway 78 is a straight shot in, and then 190 George Bush Tollway allows you to get back and around the metro flux to just about wherever you want to go.

Garland's has an older feel near the downtown area that's being revitalized. There are some older feed stores and some history there, but as well as some new development and quite a few different areas. It offers some great food and entertainment options in Garland and some new things popping up.

There's a new residential development in the south and western parts of Garland where some land has been there for a long time and is now being developed on a large scale.

My last thought on Garland is that, for a long time, Garland has been overlooked by some of the booming development around it. Really Garland has caught up a lot in the last several years. So for a 2019 viewpoint on Garland, there a lot of positives, and the opportunity to get into Garland at the current prices probably are not going to last long. The opportunity in Garland comes from that fact that you can get the same house in other communities for a higher price. It's more affordable in Garland. Again, I don't think that's going to last very long. It’s a highly desirable place to live because it's so close in and the affordability is still there. So get it while you can, cause I don't think that it will last.