This past week we took our kiddos to the sprawling metropolis of Bandera, TX for a little getaway in the country.  We ate locally grown apples, apple pie, apple ice cream and some of the best hamburgers we've ever head. (I know we always talk about food around here.)  
We went in to San Antonio for a day at Fiesta Texas, including my son and I riding the insane reverse slingshot thing 200 feet in the air, we watched a bunch of movies in the condo and we read a lot.  
But, the single most memorable part of our trip was walking along the river bed and finding rocks and fossils.  We skipped rocks across the river and we threw hundreds at random targets in the water. 
Here's your $2.00 takeaway.  
It is almost never the "big things" that make the most impact.  
It is almost always the "little things" that happen in between that make life exciting and rich and meaningful.  
What are the "little things" you're overlooking, forgetting, or speeding by in life that you could celebrate, slow down in, and create to find more joy and purpose?
That's a thinker, I know.  Let me know what you come up with right here by replying.
Have a great week in the "little things,"
Todd Tramonte
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