We are certainly not there yet, but each time we stop by the house it is looking

more and more like home  We keep having to remind ourselves that this is by

all means a new house.  You can literally only lay your eyes on about 4 things 

that survived from the original house we bought.  


There is still contractor junk everywhere, but the kitchen is starting to look really

great.  The back splash was finished at about midnight last night!


The floors make the white really stand out.  I was worried about having too much

white with the cabinets, counters, cabinets, window, sink, ceiling and trim all being

white, but when the stain went on the floor, I got really excited.  


View of the living and kitchen area from just under the dining area light.


The wood wall finally got built on the end of the dining area.  It will be painted

very soon along with the wood wall in the master bathroom.


I wish we had been ready to put the wood wall in before we put the granite in,

but once it is painted, the room will really come together.


Bribing a contractor is legal.  That box of pizza was a big part of the late night

push to get the back splash and trim completed yesterday.  I have no apologies.

The pantry shelving was completed too.  You might not expect that to be a major

point of concern, but getting it just right was a big deal since we use it a ton.  We

like the kitchen area if you haven't picked up on that.  We entertain a lot and also

like food a lot!


No baseboards yet, but they are being painted as I type this.  We have been 

teased with a day of beautiful weather before a day or two more of rain sneaks



The guest room is going to be perfect and we are going to need it as we have baby

#3 on the way late this summer!  See what I did there with a random baby announcement?

It pays to follow the blog.


The MUD room cabinet is being built still, but will go on the wall on the right to 

make this space more functional coming off the game room and back entrance.


New toilets are going in and a few final cabinet projects going on in the hall 



Here is a really exciting picture of can light covers.  I've remodeled more homes 

than I can remember and I still forgot to order can light covers when I 

originally got the can lights.  It happens folks.  There are only about 13,000

moving parts to this project!


More to come very very soon!