You may not be planning to buy a home soon, but then again, you may or you may have a friend or family member who is.  If any of those are true, you may want some inside info.  Each week, we create a list that we call our "Private Portfolio".  It is a list of homes that are coming onto the open market for sale, but nobody outside of our office knows about them. 
Where do we get this list?  Most of them are homes that our marketing specialists are helping sell and some are homes that our contacts plan to sell soon, but don't want to publicly market yet.
This week, our team alone has six different homes coming on the market.  Several around Dallas and a few in the Fort Worth area too.
If you or a friend would like a sneak peak at the list or one or more of these homes, just reply to this email and I can get it setup.  
If you are thinking about selling a home in the next year or so and would like to know how the Private Portfolio can drive up your sales price and drive down your sales time, shoot me a note too.  We love this inside info stuff and love to share with our friends so they get amazing real estate opportunities.
Hope you are having a great week,
Todd Tramonte
P.S. If you're just curious what your house is worth, you can get that in about 1 minute at